Hello World… lol,

The Blogger

Surprise! Its true I am a African American dad, as stated per the blog name. What is also true is this site is inclusive and will have information for everyone and anyone.  I live in the northeast and have one child that I adore. But being a single dad (my child lives with her mom), presents a lot of challenges. It has been an interesting journey to say the least. This blog will allow me to document them and hopefully you will share your “dad experiences” as well.

Where do I begin?

Well I guess answering the the ‘why’ I started a blog would be most appropriate. My first inspiration was because of my girlfriend. She wanted to improve her personal finances, keep track of her progress, and to hopefully help readers improve their finances along the way. So she turned to the “internet Juggernaut” to reach the masses.

It was sort of like a crusade, a mission, a challenge for her to improve her finances(especially,tackling student loan debt) and show others how they can do it too!

But wait we are finance people we are not “bloggers” I thought to myself. Being the supportive partner that I am, I encouraged her to ‘blog away, blogger.’ With that BudgetwithBelle.com was created.

My second why…

Well as my site name indicates I am dad and I wanted somewhere to share my experiences. Specifically, becoming a young dad fresh off graduating college and how I have continued to make it work almost 10 years later.  There have been plenty of ups and downs, trust me.  Here you will learn how I got through them, how becoming a dad made me a better person, and different activities and tips to make being a dad remain cool!

My relationship deteriorated with my child’s mom a couple of years after she was born. Maybe if you guys stick around long enough I will fill you in on the details, its a good one, lol. I know there are millions in my position when it comes to this situation of having a child young and not being ready; manage all aspects of the new relationship and family; and picking up the pieces if doesn’t work and carrying on.  I have gained this great insight and I believe I can help young families and couples through my experiences.  So creating a place for me to share my thoughts and also, providing the opportunity for other dads and people to share theirs seemed fitting.

We all have dads and our experiences are soooo different. So I want to know your’s? What do you remember about your dad? What are your concerns of being or becoming a dad, what are you doing to prepare? This site will hopefully be a tool where everyone and anyone can receive some insight. And for the single parents out there, as myself, we share a unique experience, well not that unique in this day and age, but you get one I am saying. Its hard having “baggage.” Dating can be challenging, right?

This blog will touch on a lot of social issues of parenting from vast points of views. From dating; to meeting someone’s child for the first time; To less stressful issues like making Sunday morning pancakes in pj’s and deciding on ‘chocolate chips or bananas?’; OR a simple day at the park with my little one. We definitely will have some fun on this site of course. Being a parent is cool! The Ebony Dad hopes to engage it’s reader family by providing helpful tips, exciting memories that draw feelings nostalgia, and dealing with real issues of parenting from many perspectives and circumstances.

My third why…

Aforementioned, was to share my experience and have others share theirs as well. But it has manifested to more than that. Now I too, want to show how people can start a blog as well! I never imagined of becoming a “blogger”? ‘I do finance, I am a numbers guy’, remember?  Well, here I am having fun learning and growing.


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Its fun! Try it you don’t have much to lose… click here